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These are some of the incredible reviews people have written for me. If you like them you might enjoy reading about The Review Project at LitLoveCommunity, where people can get points and features for writing reviews like these. The more people who get involved the more likely you are to get a review back, so why not check it out here? :]

Think that DA should have a 'reviews' widget system? I do too. Please fave my DA suggestion to let them know that this is something the community wants!

DA Site Suggestion: Review Requests by PoetryOD

You are without-a-doubt one of the most impressive writers I've had the pleasure to read from. As a young writer myself, I look up to you and your beautiful usage of words. - RebbleDiamonds

heartbreakingly beautiful. Just raw and honest and everything that makes reading poetry worthwhile. - Flermigan

Honest, economic, filled with verbal realism, and pitch perfect. Sensational work. - Dmofosho

KathrynODriscoll is one of my favorite poetess here. Un vrai pouvoir m�lancolique. - Exnihilo-nihil

Most writers complain about not having a distinct voice in their texts, but you appear to have a solid one. Your immersion into the perspective of this character is so very thorough and genuine. You've created tangible experiences, imagined powerfully visceral reactions and demonstrated a clear understanding of the human psyche. - Craazhy

People love your work because it's awesome. And honest. And deep. And fundamentally YOU. Your work reflects yourself well, I think. Though I really can't say for sure because I don't personally know you the way you have gone about portraying this voice in your pieces is distinctively the deviant KathrynODriscoll,in any case. To see your work is to see an extension of your mind, told in your voice, from your view, explained in the way you personally understand that moment/feeling/experience. Bringing up the visual artist aspect, when an individual buys an artwork they pay for the artist's vision, their talent, endless hours and mistakes, the expression and reflection of their very minds. So I honestly appreciate the way you go about your poems, the honesty behind them, and most importantly your willingness to help others. Your work will always help more people than you think, including yourself. And you are in a position where you've found this out, I think. SO thank you again, because I know it's not an easy thing to do. - donutmonk

You paint a picture with words. - paleange1

You continuously pour out some of the most amazing and intriguingly original poems I have read on DA! I absolutely am in love with your work and this piece is no different. Great work. I am officially in love with you. - ThePixiesMuse

I am honored to have such a poetic master even read what I've written! Your work is so beautiful; words fail to describe how talented of a writer you are! - Oseltamivir

PoetryOD's words pack a punch, from poetry to prose, you'll find a touch of the personal to it that will make you feel comfortable in the presense of her gallery. Through vulnerability you will find strength, honesty and integrity, and the inspirational soul that is Kathryn. Show love to her work, for it will show love to you. :heart: - autumnlit

PoetryOD is far more than just Ginsberg - ranging from works as crisp and clear as "halo" to autobiographical writings that cover a lot of emotional spectrum, she's gone the distance, and has always delivered. - shehrozeameen  

You know when someone says, 'This writer speaks to me'? I would expect they may be talking of PoetryOD. PoetryOD's writing is a long and arduous journey in itself. There's pain in her words but the literature itself is her retribution... and thankfully, she has opted to share it with us! Each story and every poem is little piece of her... a bit more exposed, and largely relatable every time. As a writer, PoetryOD is exceedingly talented... as a deviant? She is appreciatively inspiring. - OfOneSoul

Kathryn is a very gifted writer; every work of hers is infused with heart and soul, and it definitely shows. Readers could read the same piece over and over again and feel as if they're reading something new every single time. The words seem to jump off the page and right into your head, creating imaginative scenes that feel as if they're happening, right in that moment. - lion-essrampant

a writer who combines poetic imagery with prose action in a way that is a testament to the power of both.. - xlntwtch  

this is Ginsberg for the 21st Century. - exquisiteoath

PoetryOD work is always a breath of fresh air. Her prose has a wonderful sense of momentum as well as elements of surprise; you can never be sure where the story is going and for this, reading her stories is wonderfully engaging. Her poetry holds a similar sway in its lovely imagery and oft profound statements. Both poetry and prose draw out strong emotions with carefully chosen words and skillful construction. - 0hgravity

The dichotomy of beautiful, flowing imagery and heartbreaking sadness is ever present in this poem. With each stanza the reader is taken further into a world of artistic grandeur tinted with somber strokes and gut wrenching emotions that erupt off the page. - dreamsinstatic about the poem Dollface

I honestly believed that "Fisherman's Blues" was one of the greatest modern pieces I've ever read. I'm grateful to you for writing it and putting it up here on Deviantart, as it's unique in that it expresses both sides of the story both parties are seeing. In short, it was fantastic. It was no great effort on my part for faving it, as I really and truly enjoyed the way you seemed to breathe life into your characters. Keep up the good work. - FrancineAnne

Kathryn's poetry is filled with dark beauty, breathtaking imagery, and a naked honesty that throws light on her perceptions and gives an intimate view of her life. The depth and tone of her expression make you feel as though you are falling into her world. Her words will haunt long after you have turned the page. - Rosary0fSighs

Kathryn's poetry speaks to the inner person of everyone. This poetess manages to capture and bottle the most intense emotions in her poetry. - exarobibliologist

Poetry is meant to be heard, not read, Kathryn's work sings. Her writing will start to tickle at your heart with deeply emotional words, spread through your soul with questions of morality, and finally find its way at the tip of your tongue with rhythmic words and musical phrases - saturninesweetness

Intense, awe-inspiring and magnificent, does not begin to describe the poetry of Kathryn Jeanes. The words of Ms. Jeanes will pull you through laughter, tears, heartbreak and love with every page you turn. A must read for poetry lovers everywhere, this poetry goddess competes with the best of them. - Patchwork-Poet

Kathryn has an unique style of poetry that moves and enriches the soul, She take you on an emotional ride through your soul via her poetry. - pablodiablo316

A portrait of a multidimensional person who has been from the highest peaks of emotion to the deepest chasms of pain and self loathing. You will find humour, wit, sorrow, extreme pain, joy, happiness and love, much love, for family, friends, 'others' and hope. Delve into the world of Kathryn Jeanes for a journey that will run the gammit of emotion. This fine collection of poetry will take you inside the mind of a brilliant evocotive poet and leave you breathless. - Bahama-dreams

The poetry of Kathryn Jeanes is evocative and relevant. Kathryn uses imagery and emotion to grab the reader and suck you in. Her poetry speaks to the soul. - littleshireling

Kate's poetry speaks the language of the old souls. She shows us what effects everyday people, their hardships, their lives and their strengths with an elegance and insight not readily seen in all poetry. Her lines connect us to others, linking hearts, minds and lives through her words. She is a delight to know, and a wonderful poet to read. - RavensQuill

The poetry of Kathryn Jeanes is life unashamed, craddling your skull in fingers ripe with provoking imagery and startling emotion. - LAPoetry-n-Photo

With a combination of excellently used imagery and well portrayed emotions Kathryn Jeanes makes you part of her work. As the reader, she takes you across the roller-coaster of all possible emotions and leaves you feeling satisfied at the end of it all. - FearedSavior

:devKathrynODriscoll is one of the most esteemed and gifted writers on all of dA. Her work is incredibly well written and frankly most of the time I turn my eyes to it I feel as though I am reading the poetry of some famous author memorialized by time. "Quietly" is another sample from a gallery that is absolutely bursting with quality pieces. This poem is simultaneously one of the most beautiful things I have ever read, and one of the most heartbreaking. Every line is etched out to perfection and leaves me not knowing whether to smile or cry, the words come alive and reach into your heart like no other. I have been following `KathrynODriscoll on dA almost since I joined, and if you are not, than you are really missing out on one of the biggest treasures dA has to offer. Go check her out. - dreamsinstatic about the poem Quietly
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