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The Review Project, Competition... Thing

60 entries so far (we had 143 last month </3). 24 hours left to enter! Guaranteed feature for participants.

Original Project Post

On month one of The Review Project 143 reviews were left for other writers. So I decided to make this a recurring project. There are two important changes though.

1) You can now review anyone, not just writers.
2) The prizes. See below.

Your Mission (should you choose to accept it):
Is to go to the profile of an artist that you like on DeviantART and leave them a review. Not on a specific deviation but about them as an artist.

Definition "Review": A formal assessment or examination of something." - Like a movie review or a theatre review. They are usually used to express positive things, and that's what I mean by reviews in this instance. "Critical Reviews" are not what this project is about because you can only critically review one piece of art at a time, and DA has the 'critiques' feature for that. If you aren't sure, just ask, but my tip for you is, keep is positive.

Over my years here on DA I have kind of collected these reviews, and when I self published my poetry collections I used them on the back of my book because some of them were just so sweet.

Perhaps the person you review will add your thoughts on them to their DA page, or to their website to help other people get an idea about who they are as an artist.

Reviews help readers establish the style of a artist, what kind of thing they express, how they express it, what's unique about them and the way they do things. They can be really useful ways to show off what you are proud of (without sounding to self-aggrandizing) so when writing about someone else try to be specific, and not generic with your compliments. Be passionate, be honest and make someone smile.

The idea is, do something nice for someone in the community, and get rewarded. Even if its just by a feature or a small amount of points.

The Deadline

From now on the project will be recurring, so just post the link to your comment in the correct month. Deadline for each month is the last day of the month at midnight GMT, but if you miss it you can post it on the next months journal.


Wanna donate to the prize list? Just comment or send me a note. You can do this anonymously if you wish, or if you wish to donate points there is a widget on my profile page PoetryOD (please note that its for this!)

:bulletgreen: EVERY person who enters will be included in a series of features until every participant has been featured.

:bulletblue: 15 random entrants will receive 50 points (PoetryOD) on top.*

* If you do 10 reviews then you'll be entered to the random prize draw ten times, but you can only win once. (As in, once you are one of the 15 random winners your other entries will be withdrawn) but it does increase your chances of winning a prize.


:bulletblue: You will need to link your comment in a reply to this journal post. To get the URL of a comment you need to click where it says (for example) 1 minutes ago next to your name at the top of your comment. If you need help with this just note me <3 We accept these reviews posted anywhere on the artist's deviantART page, but we also accept reviews you may have posted on Amazon. If thats the case post the link like normal and then a link to that artists page just so we know who the review is for.
:bulletblue: Entries will not be accepted before midnight of the last day of the month.
:bulletblue: ANYONE is allowed to enter and is eligible to win the prizes (except PoetryOD) including DA admins, volunteers, staff and anyone who donates to the contest. It is open to all.
:bulletblue: There is no age restriction on this competition
:bulletblue: The review must be new. Therefore posted after 13th of January 2013
:bulletblue: Important! The deadline is in GMT!
:bulletblue: Only 'review' comments will be eligible for the points draw. That means a thoughtful and specific review of that artist, and / or their body of work, not just a compliment. See examples if you are unsure. (below). Mean or disparaging comments will not be eligible.
:bulletblue: 45 word minimum limit. 500 word maximum limit.

How To Enter

:bulletblue: Select an artist you admire
:bulletblue: Post a review style comment, (if you can link to this page so that more people get involved, then great! But if you forget you won't be disqualified)
:bulletblue: Copy the URL to your comment and paste it in a reply to THIS journal.
:bulletblue: Watch this group for the announcement of the points winners and future competitions etc. (Not required to win)
:bulletblue: Spread the word, after all someone may pick you to review! (Not required to win)

Examples of "Reviews"

These come from my own personal archive of reviews that made me really happy about my work. They are just here to show the kind of detail that differentiates a review from a simple comment or compliment. May I just remind the people that wrote these gorgeous reviews for me how much they mean to me, even years later in some instances <3

"Kathryn's poetry is filled with dark beauty, breathtaking imagery, and a naked honesty that throws light on her perceptions and gives an intimate view of her life. The depth and tone of her expression make you feel as though you are falling into her world. Her words will haunt long after you have turned the page." - Rosary0fSighs

"Poetry is meant to be heard, not read, Kathryn's work sings. Her writing will start to tickle at your heart with deeply emotional words, spread through your soul with questions of morality, and finally find its way at the tip of your tongue with rhythmic words and musical phrases." - saturninesweetness
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SCFrankles Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I've started a bit late but here's my first review for March: [link] ^^
Story-of-a-Mind Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I think it is great you continue this and even widened the scope of this beautiful idea. I think we should much more often drop this idea of separating people on da in different groups of arts. I think all the arts can learn from each other :squee:
PoetryOD Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
:giggle: True!
blubbityblub Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Heyo. Here are mine :)
PoetryOD Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013
Fab! Thanks!
trueshinken Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
OK, so I have a few reviews here:
PoetryOD Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013
Awesome!! :D
nightshade-keyblade Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
How come prizes are offered if it is not a contest?
PoetryOD Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
Incentive? Karmic reward? The prizes are random and winners aren't selected by comparing entries
nightshade-keyblade Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, OK. I'd love to give this a shot, with or without rewards :)
PoetryOD Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013
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