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[link] To see the details and buy tickets. I believe he's visiting a couple other places but this is the furthest south he goes so if you wanna come, do! I am a regular at Raise the Bar gigs and they are always SO welcoming, so friendly, so safe. So I am so freakin excited that Shane Koyczan is coming to Bristol! 

If you, somehow, dont know who I mean:

Bout 75 more tickets available at the early bird price (just a tenner!) so grab one now :D
EDIT: Added my social medias so you can stay in touch <3

Hey guys,

So I won't be leaving the site but there will be some changes in the next few months. I will begin withdrawing work from the site. I have a lot of older stuff on here which is very poor quality, and I put it up originally out of transparency. I wanted people to see that I used to SUCKKKKK so they'd know that if they thought they sucked it would get better. But now that writing is becoming more professional for me, I need to clean up my act.

So poems that are absolute trash will be taken down.

On the other side of that equation, poems I really like might be taken down too. As I will be polishing them and submitting them for publication, or including them in my poetry collection that I will release late Spring / early Summer.

I know my poetry has helped a lot of you through difficult times, and you telling me that inspired me to push myself forward. So as a thank you for all of your support, I thought the least I owed you was some fair notice.

If there are works you particularly love, feel free to make a copy (although write down that they were by me, Kathryn O'Driscoll, somewhere! XD) for your own personal reading / enjoyment. Maybe let me know.

Some things (like 'Stitches' for example) are an iconic part of my life here on DA and won't be removed. So my gallery won't be empty, but it will be a small selection of good pieces. 

This is hard for me. I've been on DA for almost a decade. You guys feel like family. But everything evolves. You guys gave me the strength to do that. To take myself as a writer seriously.

And I'm hoping that some of you will want a copy of my book sometime soon ;) 


Love always,



I will give you smol reward if you can do me a fav0rrr...

Could you 'like' this facebook status ?…

(Then comment to say you have cos otherwise how would I know XD)
I made a poetry film (as opposed to being filmed whilst performing) for a new performance poem called Sunburnt. You can see it here: and maybe subscribe? Its a new channel and I'm going to be trying to put professional content on there and I'm nervy and weird about it so yeah confidence me, friends!

I'm going to the Edinburgh Fringe in August with my comedy society. Rehearsals are finally underway. Logistical hell and exhaustion.

In September I move into my first real house with housemates rather than student halls. Its beautiful and I'm really excited but nervous of course.

aaand I'm tired. Thats my news. How are you guys?? <3
Lets talk guys because I need to talk to you. I need to hear from you. I need to know the truth. Do I suck now? 

My grades in poetry have dropped, my poems don't do as well here as they used to before (by a big margin), so I've kept it inside for a few weeks but I have to just ask- because you guys have always been honest with me (I think). Am I just no good now?

You used to like me because I was raw and honest. I grew up and began to develop my techniques, began to understand concrete imagery better so now I'm less direct... is that the problem ? Am I indirect to the point where you dont know what Im trying to say in the poems any more?

Talk to me. If I've gone too far from my roots I guess I need to know so I can start over. 


Kate (Flutterings)
I did it. I performed 'Something Special' (along with Don't Look) at a gig last night. I was so afraid because Something Special is controversial AND deeply personal but it went okay. I didn't quite nail either poem, but the gig venue and audience were different than my usual place of performing so nerves got the better of me (more than usual) I think. I'll get it next time. But I am proud of myself.

If you wanna skip to the new poem its around the 4 minute mark <3

Episode 3 just got released and it contains a hello to you guys <3 from Connor (my co-host). ENJOY <3


Love you all
I need your help.

I have set up this website (Loe&Behold) for my degree. The idea is people submit their poetry and then the editors (including me of course) pick ones to be highlighted on the front page / shared on our social media accounts. However people need to submit in order to see what the site does, and want to submit. So if you have any performance poems pleeeeeease sign up, make a post with the video in, and post it? Pretty please :flirty: you can do it for as many poems as you want, the copyright stays with you etc. The point of the site is to make an easy way for performance poetry to get shared in our community (as the only sites we have in the UK are things like apples & snakes but they dont tend to allow submissions from the public) the same way page poetry is. 

Aside from that, I only have about a month to get the site running enough that my lecturer can see what its supposed to do so any submissions would REALLY HELP me, and hopefully I'll get to highlight some of your work and help you get exposure.

Share if you can / want. If you don't do spoken word poetry / performance poetry but still wanna help me out please comment on pages / posts. Just generally help me show what the idea of the site would be ? <3


Cool huh?

I haven't really been here a lot since October when Uni kicked up again so I thought I'd drop by and say hi and give you all the updates. It's been hectic. I sit on 9 committees as well as my classes and assignments. I write agendas, take minutes, put together shows, write scripts. It's chaos. Currently I'm planning PRIDE 2016 (I ran a PRIDE event in my SU last year which everyone loved and we're making it even bigger this year!) and taking my comedy society to Edinburgh Fringe (waiting to hear back from PBH's Free Fringe <3 on whether or not we got in but we should do) and trying to juggle everything else.

As usual I haven't been able to submit much work here due to the black out ban on uploading any work we use in our submissions but all of my portfolios (except for Writing for Young People) are in now, so as the grades come back I can release the work into the public domain. So I'll be uploading very soon (possibly later today actually).

It's meant I've felt like I don't have much to say though. Not much to contribute here. I am doing loads ( see below ) that I think you guy would enjoy but DA doesn't really seem to have a friendly way to transmit this info without me feeling like I'm shoving it down your throats. Any ideas on that? I've noticed a lot of people seem to have left - where are you all going to?! :P

Anyway, I am really excited about 3 particular things going on in my life right now so I'll share them here in case you care XD

P E R F O R M A N C E    P O E T R Y

About a year ago I started doing performance poetry which I love. Its very different to page poetry and has very different needs and skills but I'm enjoying pushing myself. I just got booked to perform a gig in Bristol in March (the first time I'll have a named slot and people will pay to see me perform, even though I won't get paid XD) so I'm really excited. Whilst page poetry (the way you guys know me) will always be my primary writing form this could really be a thing for me and its not so different from my page poetry so I just wish DA had a way that I could share it with you guys as you're the people who have seen me grow the most. I'd like you guys to take this next step with me. Anyway, my performances go up on my youtube....

:bulletblack: Knife Fights With Trees

:bulletblack: The Improper Noun

:bulletblack: Off The Rails

:bulletblack: Little El

:bulletblack: Don't Look & The Improper Noun

:bulletblack: The Inconvenience of Rain & Back At The Bar

:bulletblack: The Advice Everyone Is Giving

:bulletblack: I Didn't Know

:bulletblack: Don't Look

T H I S    S H O W    I S    N O T    A B O U T    B E A R S

This show is a great way to get to know me outside of a writer, although we talk about writer stuff a lot because Connor and I both do a writing degree and our show is about how we survive university :P but mostly it's just me and one of my closest friends making each other laugh til we cry and people seem to like it :D If SPARTAN Poetry is Poetry + Banter.. then TSINAB is Banter + Banter.

:bulletblack: Ep 2. "The Poetry Hour" in which Kate and Connor try to write a poem together using a variety of random prompt devices.

:bulletblack: Ep 1. "The Essay Hour" in which Kate and Connor try to workshop each other's essays sleep-deprived and hyperactive.

S P A R T A N    P O E T R Y

I got asked to co-host SPARTAN Poetry, a radio podcast at my Uni, and I accepted. I am really enjoying it and you guys have been helping us smash all the other shows out of the park ratings-wise for which I am very grateful (and slightly smug). We talk about poetry techniques, prompts, we give advice, talk about how poetry things work in general, answer questions, then we interview a poet and hear some of their work. Poetry + Banter. Its a good time.

:bulletblack: SPARTAN Poetry Ep. 4. In this episode we talk about short forms and comedic poetry and interview comedic performance poet Connor Macleod (also my co-host in This Show is Not About Bears so if you like him from that, he's in this)

:bulletblack: SPARTAN Poetry Ep. 3. In this episode we talk about the differences between page poetry and performance poetry with Nick Compton who started both the SPARTAN Poetry podcast itself and the local performance poetry night 'Rhyme & Reason'. It's also CHRISTMASSY :D

:bulletblack: SPARTAN Poetry Ep. 2. In this episode we talk about sound and musicality and interview Sanket Shrestha, a Nepalese poet with a silver tongue!

:bulletblack: SPARTAN Poetry Ep. 1. In this episode the three new hosts: Hattie, Charlotte and myself, introduce ourselves and get settled in!

Much love!

Kate xx
Tonight I performed a poem and some people say its my best to date. I think its pretty nifty so hopefully you guys like it too :'] 
If you listened to the first one and enjoyed it, I thought I'd let you guys know that the second one is out now too :D… CLICKY :D

:blowkiss: and we won our ratings war so thank you guys. We hope to continue to smash it and show our Head Producer the power of poetry! :D
EDIT: Oh and three new performance poems' footage just got uploaded if you are interested in my performance poems. Clicky <3…

SO, I got asked to co-host a poetry radio show at my University and the first episode has been released. I wanna win a ratings war with a show one of my closest friends runs.... would you guys mind clicking through and listening to a lil bit? I dont know how much it takes to add you to the 'listened' counter but maybe you'll like it. We talk about poetry techniques, we take questions, we interview local poets (although in this episode we, the three hosts, interviewed each other) and you can hear me read The Audacity of Worms that face the sun near the end.

I'd really appreciate it guys, I'm doing so many new things at the moment (I've performed 7 Performance Poems in the past month at live events too) and some reaffirmation from you guys, the ones who keep me going, inspire me and reassure me when I try new things, would be incredible.

Either way, I love you all and I miss being here. x_x…
I performed these last night, heres the youtube link, I hope you guys enjoy them <3 I loved the response to the last one I shared with you guys, its a shame theres no more direct way to share these with you on here because I love sharing my writing with you guys and this is a newish medium for me and support in this area would be really appreciated. But anyway! Here it is <3

I did my first reading of the year on Tuesday and it got recorded so I thought I'd share it with you. There's no satisfactory way to share spoken word poetry on here (except to post the transcript and hope people click the link) so let me know if you enjoy it / whether I should share them in the future. Cos I dunno!

Also I'm sorry I have been inactive. It's freshers week here at Uni and I'm helping out, meeting my new housemates, reading in poetry readings etc XD it'll settle down in about another four days. Love you all!! <3

I have like 14 notes waiting for replies right now so I thought I better post a quick journal... I have like 21 days until I move back into Uni halls and I am trying to get things done that I put off whilst I'm in Bath (like the dentist, meeting the bank manager, seeing my doctors etc) so I am a little bit swamped this week.

I don't open notes if I know they are going to ask me to do something until I know I have time to action them, otherwise the note no longer shows up as a number in my header (even if I mark it as unread) and therefore I don't have a visual reminder that somethings waiting to be done. Thats just how I am because I'm so forgetful... but I have received your notes and I will deal with them ASAP I swear.

I also have a tightness down my thumb and in my forearm which I think comes from obsessively checking my phone too much and / or using my touchpad on my Macbook for all those hours compiling the Geek's Guide to Lit Groups... so I'm trying to force myself to become a little less dependent on DA (I LOVE IT HERE DAMNIT) and not check it every couple of minutes.... and that I plan on trying to maintain even once my week clears up.

I love you all, I hope you'll forgive me for taking a couple of days with a little less intensity around here. :blowkiss:

My Daily Deviation Highlights

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 25, 2015, 1:13 AM
I was tagged by Farand and betwixtthepages to do this. The CVs would like to encourage the community to join in on this project by simply going through the Daily Deviations page and collecting some of their favourite pieces of art within a journal titled "My Daily Deviation Highlights".  To help spread awareness and love for Daily Deviations and our fellow deviant artists. 

I however decided to change the rules (I do that. I'm such a git.) and I mixed in some non-DD's with the DD's I picked. :love:

Here are my picks:

blk~dissonanse by GeoArcus
le premier jour by veroklotzgestures by agnes-cecile
Angel Eyes by MissMalerieEnough by HesterTatnell
The Inbetween by manuelestheim
Once upon a time II by thefirebombVitriol by Uranium-Sea
Memories of illness by RegauxBound by MarinaCoric
nymphaea III by M0THart
The Calm by AlWiAlAn Open Book by Dosshaus
Freak Show by mariannaphotographyBoho2 by cocainacola
something restful about Death by laura-makabresku

Please use hashtag #DDHighlights so your journal can be found. You may choose to feature deviations from all categories, or you can focus your journals on a specific category such as Photography, Fan Art, Manga/Anime or whatever suits you! This is a very open project in which creativity in the way you choose to highlight Daily Deviations is welcome and encouraged!